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Cold Shoulder - Cold Shoulder

Album Name: Cold Shoulder

Artist: Cold Shoulder

Marcus Dylan: Vocals Joe Faria: Guitar Jason Kinney: Bass Jacob Baptista: Drums

Released: June 2021

Label: Independant Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Only In My Head

  2. This Time

  3. Equal Parts

  4. Be Patient

  5. Can You?

This Friday (June 11th) Cold Shoulder will be releasing their self titled debut EP. This EP sees a creative mix of modern rock and some classic, nostalgic sounds. The San Francisco based rock band are bringing a great EP that will have you wanting to sing along to at the top of your voice. Cold Shoulder originally met through a Craigslist ad and since then they have been creating music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spead love and joy to everyone that listens. The band are heaviliy influenced by grunge, early 2000's music and hard rock. Within this EP you can clearly hear echoes of the types of artists they are inspired by such as Alice In Chains, Dirty Honey and Badflower. This is especially seen in 'This Time' which is a clear tribute to metal rockers Mastodon. The range of different style influences is apparent within the music and that makes for an EP that has songs that vary from one another. From tracks like 'Only In My Head' which feels like it belongs in a stadium with people screaming along to the guitar driven 'Equal Parts' no two songs are the same. The reflective style of songwriting by Cold Shoulder makes for some really relatable lyrical content, in that sense the EP feels human and transparent, Cold Shoulder aren't hiding away or trying to be something their not. You can tell with their music that they are being true to themselves with what they write and this makes for a really enjoyable band to listen to. I think within this self titled EP that Cold Shoulder have achieved creating this nostalgic sound while also making it totally new and modern. A song that particulary stands out with that nostalgic feeling for me is second single from the EP 'Can You?' which was my favourite song of theirs before hearing the EP and still sticks. 'Can You?' has the perfect level of catchiness lyrically and the instruments have this real classic rock vibe to them that reminds me of being in the car with my Mum as a child. I think Cold Shoulder's self titled EP is definitely one worth checking out and if you can't wait for that you can listen to any of their previously released singles (Don't Call Me, Know Your Enemy, Faithless, Be Patient and Can You?). Overall for me this EP feels authentic and musically they really show off how talented they are. This is a band I could see becoming really succesful as that mix of realness and talent is something really respected within the alternative music community. From the anthemic tracks 'Only In My Head' and 'Be Patient' to the outstanding guitar parts in 'Equal Parts' this EP really has it all for any rock lover and you wont be disappointed by checking this one out.

You can pre order 'Cold Shoulder' HERE

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