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Chainerection - Who Stole My Mojo

Finnish action rock band Chainerection have released a new single 'Who Stole My Mojo' off of their upcoming debut album.


The blue-collared, supercharged rock n roll band Chainerection have released their second single 'Who Stole My Mojo'. Chainerection were formed back in 2009 and their songs have hints of 70s Detroit and 90s Stockholm. This bands music has similarities to artists such as MC5, The Hellacopters, Hurriganes, Gluecifer and The Flaming Sideburns, so if you like any of them check these guys out. Their upcoming debut album 'Alternative High' is a twelve track project that pays tribute to the pioneers of the past while still holding its own. This album has attitude, exploding riffs, scorching fuzzed out solos, thunderous bass lines and super solid drumwork. Chainrection are the kinda band that remind you of the danger of rock n roll. While listening to them you may picture yourself driving down a highway on a big motorcycle. Bands like this always get me excited as they are a reminder that that classic rock n roll will never die.

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