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Kyoto Kyoto - Trier

Experimental group Kyoto Kyoto have just released their intense new track 'Trier' on November 1st.


Kyoto Kyoto's new release 'Trier' will have your head spinning in a good way. Like a much-loved rollercoaster you never quite know whether you're going up or down, but you always reach the end with a smile on your face. Kyoto Kyoto began through a series of European gigs in 2019 and was created by Levent Ceylan and Scott MacDonald. The band now sees two new additions, bassist Olek Nixon and flute player Gail Tasker. The group have shared stages with the likes of Opus Kink, Waterbaby, Butch Kassidy and DEADLETTER. They even played support for the sold-out Tricot gig at Islington Garage. Aside from gigs Kyoto Kyoto have also gained attention from 6 Music, Fred Perry and BBC Introducing. 'Trier' comes after what Kyoto Kyoto describe as an intense recording session with producer Chris McCrory (Catholic Action) in Glasgow. The prog-rock, psychedelic, post-rock piece is written about Ceylan's hometown Trier.

"(The people) lose sight of the art, the history and architecture that surrounds them and how slipping into day-to-day comforts exacerbates the disregard for what made the city great." - (Levent Ceylan, Guitar/Vocals)

The chaotic track that is 'Trier' is definitely a wild ride. There's this hypnotic yet attack like feeling when the song first kicks in, but it doesn't stay in this form for too long showing that Kyoto Kyoto aren't afraid to throw everything at you at once. The track descends into this fun feeling riff moment before throwing you into something new altogether. I'd be lying if I said I could even begin to describe what is happening within this track. The five-minute piece was very easy to get lost in and yes, I enjoyed it, even if I'm not entirely sure what it is I listened to. As I said earlier 'Trier' is like a rollercoaster and is something you just have to try out for yourself, but something I would recommend.

Listen to 'Trier' HERE

Kyoto Kyoto are

Levent Ceylan: Guitar, Vocals Scott MacDonald: Drums Olek Nixon: Bass Gail Tasker: Flute

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Picture by Hanna Gabler

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