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Casper Heyzeus - Tales From the Jar

Album Name: Tales From the Jar

Artist: Casper Heyzeus

Released: September 2022

Rating: 6/10



  1. How Did You Get Here

  2. Private & Confidential

  3. The Swarm

  4. Too Lit

  5. Have Faith

  6. 72 Men

  7. Garbage Day

  8. Unhinged

  9. Amanda Please

  10. Magnavox Odyssey

Upcoming album 'Tales From the Jar' from Aberdeen based solo artist Casper Heyzeus sees them take a second attempt at what was originally an EP while adding some more lighthearted moments to the punk/alt rock piece. The artist now known as Casper Heyzeus has been releasing music since 2016 after an almost 10 year hiatus. The break in creating music came after the artist had tried multiple times to make music under different names in the early 2000's before giving up for a little bit. New inspiration was found however in 2015 when they got a new guitar and put together a DIY studio. Casper Heyzeus is primarily a solo artist but can be seen performing at gigs with a live band, the same live band can be heard within 'Tales From the Jar' on the track 'Unhinged'. With influences from artists such as Captain Beefheart, Prince, Horse the Band, The Cure, Type O Negative and Sick Animation, Casper Heyzeus are a hard one to pin down genre wise. 'Tales From the Jar' for me sees a mix of sounds from early 80's dance beats, punk riffs and even gothic elements. Each song presents something different and therefore makes for a very unpredictable album. 'Tales From the Jar' opens with 'How Did You Get Here' which has this weird kind of upbeat yet depressing energy about it. It's an easy song to bop along with but in my opinion just kind of gets lost within the album. However second track 'Private & Confidential' the second track I think comes at you a lot harder and draws your attention into what you are listening to. I'm not gonna say I find the vocals to be perfect within this song but somehow they work with the punk feeling rhythm section and heavier riff. This was definitely one of the stand out songs for me. A slightly more unusual track on 'Tales From the Jar' was '72 Men' which lyrically is interesting to say the least. I did really enjoy the chilled out kind of comedy element within it though and I actually got myself getting pretty hooked on it. It's kind of catchy even if you don't necessariliy want it to be. Another one I liked within 'Tales From the Jar' was 'Garbage Day' this one for me felt very early 80's and has a beat that becomes impossibe not to dance along with. 'Garbage Day' is different to the other songs standing out as more of a pop track but I did end up quite enjoying it. Then towards the end of the album it seems to go in more of a stereotypical high school, pop punk direction with 'Amanda Please' This one is fun and is the typical story of a failed love over an easy to listen to instrumental. 'Tales From the Jar' was originally released last year as an EP but I'm so happy Casper Heyzeus decided to give it another go adding in some more fun and comedy songs that they are known for. The original EP dealt with topics such as depression, anxiety, loneliness and paranoia which still features on the improved version of 'Tales From the Jar' but having light hearted moments makes it more enjoyable to listen to as for me the fun songs for the most part were the stand out ones. I can't mention comedy songs without mentioning closing track 'Magnovox Odyssey' which I did not see coming, if you haven't checked it out yet I wont give anything away but it's worth a listen. Overall 'Tales From the Jar' isn't something that is technically perfect, or you're typical kind of music but it's fun and it brought a smile to my face and honestly sometimes I think that's what's most important about art. I'd be lying if I said I loved every song on here and honestly I did find a few a little more on the boring side but there was enough fun songs to make up for it. 'Tales From the Jar' will be released on the 11th of September so if you get the chance, give it a spin and maybe you'll find a song that will make you smile too.

Check out Casper Heyzeus HERE

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