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Polymorth - Kaleidoscope

On the 7th of October solo artist Polymorth will be releasing the single 'Kaleidoscope' from their upcoming album.


Polymorth is a UK based solo artist that branches their sound across genre's. New single 'Kaleidoscope' takes on a chilled out almost hopeful sounding acoustic tone for the most part. The single will be released on the 7th of October and is taken from Polymorth's upcoming debut album. Through snippets across social media Polymorth has teased listeners with pieces of music from the debut album. The album itself is hoped to be released in summer 2023 and 'Kaleidoscope' gives a first look into what we can expect from the release. I personally really liked the chilled-out energy that is within 'Kaleidoscope'. As is quite common with Polymorth this track is full of interesting and intricate musical moments that change pace and momentum throughout. 'Kaleidoscope' never loses its uplifting feel though. This is honestly a very nice track to listen to, it's easy on the ears and I love how more towards the end of the song it picks up, steps out of its acoustic form and delivers this super uplifting, fun feeling instrumental, this is definitely my favourite part of the song. I've followed Polymorth for almost as long as I've been running this blog and it's been really cool to see them grow as an artist and continue to develop their sound. I've always enjoyed the fact that you never know what to expect from a Polymorth song as previous single 'Rainmaking' was more prog metal, and still a standout favourite of mine 'Sollipsis' I remember thinking was very alt rock, Foo Fighters like. 'Kaleidoscope' adds a new layer to Polymorth's discography and if I was to compare it to any previous song I would have to go with 'Sollipsis' as they both have the sort of chilled out more intricate sound to them. I'm excited to hear what else is going to come from this debut album and 'Kaleidoscope' is one to check out when it comes out on the 7th, however if you can't wait that long you can find snippets over on Polymorth's social media accounts.

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