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Kyoto Kyoto - Gaacher Blitz

South London trio Kyoto Kyoto are releasing their uplifting and experimental debut single 'Gaacher Blitz' on the 2nd of July.


Kyoto Kyoto's debut single 'Gaacher Blitz' is uplifting, ambient and even has a little bit of a punk tone thrown in there. The South London trio have quickly earned a reputation for their spellbinding exhibits of ambient and experimental guitar music across London's underground venues.

"The main riff was written 2-3 years ago in Munich and is heavily influenced by techno artists who performed at the venue "Blitz" in Munich. The song just kinda evolved naturally from playing as many gigs as possible and rehearsing as often as we could." - (Levent Ceylan, Kyoto Kyoto)

The band were formed in 2019 and are made up of Levent Ceylen (Butch Kassidy), Scott MacDonald (IMOGEN & Rosie Alena) and Oscar James Arnell. Their influences include Krautrock, Berlin techno and brash, Glaswegian punk. I could definitely hear these influences within 'Gaacher Blitz', from the lively, uplifting intro to the controlled punk like outburts towards the latter end of the song. 'Gaacher Blitz' is a great debut single and one I believe could gain this trio a lot of fans. The riffs throughout don't feel stereotypical and everything about the song kind of keeps you on your toes but on top of this there is also this really uplifting, happy vibe about the song that personally meant I couldn't help but smile the whole way through.

Pre save 'Gaacher Blitz' HERE

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