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Crawlers - Breathe

New song 'Breathe' by Crawlers is lively and once again shows off the great skill and versatility of the Northwest UK band.


Crawlers new song 'Breathe' from their upcoming debut EP is lively and once again stands out as something different from their previous four singles. It seems as though this band are always creating something different from before. 'Breathe' has this almost jumpy type rhythm that is really fun and it carries you through the whole song. As always the vocals are impeccable and singer Holly Minto makes you feel as though you have traveled back in time with this powerhouse vintage sound. Guitarist Amy Woodall also delivers an amazing guitar solo in the last quarter of the song. 'Breathe' in my opinion may be the most fun of the bands songs so far and as much as it still holds an important message the energy is far away from the anger driven previous single 'Statues'. With everything this band puts out it gets me more and more excited to hear the EP that they are working on. Crawlers have also recently announced some shows that they will be playing in 2021:

25/07 Truck Festival UK

30/07 Arts Club Loft Liverpool

15/08 Rewired Festival Leeds

11/09 Futurama Fest Liverpool

02/10 Soundcity Fest Liverpool

Along with the release of 'Breathe' Crawlers have also put out some limited edition merch for the single.

Crawlers are:

Holly Minto: Vocals Amy Woodall: Guitar Liv Kettle: Bass Harry Breen: Drums

You can check out 'Breathe' and find the band on social media HERE

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