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Johnnie Guilbert - Anxiety

This new video for "Anxiety" by Johnnie Guilbert gives us a a very real look at the struggles people with anxiety face.


The video for "Anxiety" comes with a Trigger Warning that it depicts images of a graphic nature such as violence and self harm.

With this song and the video Johnnie Guilbert gives us a real hard look into what it is like to struggling with mental illness. You can almost feel the pain and difficulty that this character is going through. The video is set within a beautiful landscape and forest but it also looks so lonely as Guilbert is all by himself with his thoughts. The song "Anxiety" is instrumentally really chilled out which makes it easy to follow the lyrcis and the story which is being told within. A hard story to listen to but also one a lot of people can relate to. I believe even more so now as the state of the world is affecting a lot of us. I think songs like "Anxiety" are so important right now as it helps people see that they are not alone. "Anxiety" is off of Johnnie Guilberts 2020 album "The Last Thing I Want Is Help", which you can check out here You can watch the video for "Anxiety" on Johnnie Guilberts Youtube here

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