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JINJER - Vortex

Ukrainian metalcore band JINJER once again show off their unique sound with demonic like yet beautiful new track 'Vortex' which is accompanied by an equally stuunning video.


JINJER are entering their new era with an insane new song 'Vortex'. A song that in my opinion lyrically seems to focus on the heaviness of your own thoughts. The track combined with the new video create this almost demonic like vision of their world being sucked into the darkness. 'Vortex' is taken from JINJERS upcoming album 'Wallflowers' which will be released through Napalm Records on August 27th. 'Vortex' is a very strong song from JINJER but then for me they are one of those bands that I don't think have a bad song. The first half of the song is lighter and is very beautiful before charging into this hard, heavy breakdown that carries you to the end of the song. I think if this is anything to go on JINJERS next album is going to be insane.

"The track, as well as the album, are the most intense frantic and personal experiences we've recorded so far - and we can honestly say without a doubt, from the music to the visuals - that this is the best material we've written so far." - (JINJER)

After hearing 'Vortex' I could happily agree with this statement. The video was so insane and visually has to be one of my favourites that I've seen this year so far. From the way it starts calm and beautiful to when the breakdown kicks in and the walls literally start breaking down the whole thing spinning chaotically out of control before being sucked into the dark vortex. The storyline and the tempo of the song match perfectly and the video is overall super aesthetically pleasing. Video story by JINJER

Video by Shah Talifta

CC by lunar_edge

Watch the video for 'Vortex' on Napalm Records HERE

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