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Everture - Emerge Album Release Livestream 24/04/2021

Everture performed an immersive show for the release of their debut album 'Emerge'. The band performed 'Emerge' in it's entirety and also added in a couple of older tracks. The show was complete with great lighting and camera work that really made you feel like you were a part of it.


Everture's livestream gig that streamed yesterday was really an enjoyable experience. Watching this wasn't far off of the feeling of a real show and the band and production team created something really good. I would especially like the point out the camera work and lighting as these things in particular made the virtual experience feel almost more like something real. I personally have never seen Everture perform before so that was pretty cool for me to see them for the first time and I think they put on a great show. This band seems to have a great presence on stage and their music is great modern, emo metal. My favourite song from the performance was 'Ivory Tower' as this felt very powerful and with the lights and strong guitars it was really fun.

Before the show Guitarist Matti Hautakangas said:

"We can hardly stay put knowing we get to play our fresh debut album Emerge on livestream this Saturday and we know how many have been waiting for this to happen. Judging by the material gathered on pre-production it looks like we're in pretty good playing condition and the audio+video quality of the gig is gonna be some next level stuff! So much work went into making this album and finally we get to actually bring it to people who love our music, be it live or livestream. It's going to be scary and bizarre for us but that's the twist that makes this kind of thing fun!"

The stream was produced by Kpedu/LimeTv

You can still watch the livestream on Inverse Records Youtube here

Everture are:

Jere Kuokkanen: Vocals

Matti Hautakangas: Guitar Oskari Niskala: Guitar Samuli Kielenniva: Bass Olli Vuoti: Drums

Emerge made it to chart position number 6 on the Official Finnish Physical Album Chart and was number 31 on the Official Finnish Chart.

Listen to Emerge at the following links

You can order the physical CD for Emerge here

You can find Everture on social media at the following links

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