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Spiritbox - Circle With Me

Spiritbox have released a new single 'Circle With Me' which is accompanied by a void like music video.


Spiritbox's new song 'Circle With Me' is one of the more calm and beautiful pieces I have heard from them. The vocals are light and have this pop like tone to them. On first listen I was really enjoying the vibe of this song and I expected it to stay at that calm level the whole way through but no, I was very pleasantly surprised by an amazing breakdown that hits you in this song. Having that makes the song contrast itself but in a really good way. Spiritbox are doing something interesting and they are qucikly making their way to be a band I regularly listen to. If you haven't checked them out yet I would highly recommend them as I am constantly inpressed with the music that they are putting out.

Video credits:

Director/Editor: Orie McGinness Producer: Mike Taylor AD/Operator: Dana Willax Hair: Natalie Jean Make Up: Angie Peak Styling: Sister Styling

You can watch the full video for 'Circle With Me' on Rise Record's Youtube here

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