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Indecisive - What Good Is It For?

Alt/math rock band Indecisive are working on some new music but for now I would recommend checking out their song 'What Good Is It For?' which is a really enjoyable song to listen to and a song I imagine would be a lot of fun live.


The alternative band from Milton Keynes known as Indecisive may only have one song out but that one song is enough for me to know that this is a band I really like. 'What Good Is It For?' has this Red Hot Chili Peppers feeling to it and I don't know many new/modern bands that are achieving that sound so succesfully. Before lsitening to 'What Good Is It For?' I don't know why but going by the description of this band I really wasn't sure I would like them but I was more than pleasantly surprised. This song had me drumming my hands along and I couldn't help but move. The instrumentals are a little unpredictable but yet still have this easy to listen to rhythm. The vocals fit the song perfecty and too be honest I don't really have a bad word to say about this piece. Indecisive are working on their debut EP at the moment and I am very excited to see what they come up with and whether it will be a similar sound to this single. Listen to 'What Good Is It For?' HERE

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