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In Charge - Wondering What You're Thinking (ft. Rachel Best)

Hard rockers In Charge deliver a cute story with their new track 'Wondering What You're Thinking' that features Rachel Best.


On the 19th of May hard rockers In Charge channeled their various influences with their single 'Wondering What You're Thinking'. 'Wondering What You're Thinking' isn't just a loud infectious track that will get you up on the floor, but it also contains a really sweet story. The song was originally written by Chris (vocalist) the night before his first date with Rachel (Alpha Signal). The two met and got friendly while at a Metal 2 the Masses event in Glasgow and after a few weeks of chatting they agreed to go on a date with one another.

"This song is a story about how our lead vocalist Chris's life was turned upside down after meeting future partner Rachel at a gig. After getting together, they decided to collaborate on this song and bring their story to life in the only way they know how - with an ear-splitting hard rock record." - (In Charge)

'Wondering What You're Thinking' is the first release that In Charge have recorded in a professional studio and was done by James Mackenzie (Sound Shape Productions).

In my opinion 'Wondering What You're Thinking' is a big hard rock song. It's punchy and infectious with loud guitars. I like the story behind it, and I think having Rachel feature on the track really adds not only to the story but the sound itself. 'Wondering What You're Thinking' is pure hard rock and is an enjoyable listen.

The new single is accompanied by a music video that was shot at Glasgow's famous Ivory Black's rock club.

'Wondering What You're Thinking' ft Rachel Best (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Wondering What You're Thinking' HERE

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