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Frail - Stand By Me In The Storm

Finnish melodic heavy rock band Frail have released their long-awaited sophomore album 'Stand By Me In The Storm'.


Frail are ready to conquer hearts with their American-influenced modern rock sound in new album 'Stand By Me In The Storm'. Frail's singer-songwriter Tarmo has closely seen and experienced addictions and mental health struggles, this along with the fear of losing his child due to chronic illness brought him a sense of gloom and meaninglessness. These feelings led to his passion for music being lost and Frail was put aside for a decade. Now however they're back and the difficult experiences that Tarmo faced have influenced their new album 'Stand By Me In The Storm'. This album is not only a healing outlet but is something for anyone who might need it. 'Stand By Me In The Storm' presents a collage of relatable stories, broad vocal harmonies and modern low-tuned rock.

Listen to 'Stand By Me In The Storm' HERE

Frail are

Tarmo Kellomaki: Vocals Joel Hekkala: Guitar Otto Kulhomaki: Bass Jussi Jarvi: Drums

Frail online

Picture by Toni Rutanen

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