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In Charge - I Don't Know Your Name

On the 31st of May, Glasgow hard rockers In Charge released their electrifying new single 'I Don't Know Your Name'.


In Charge have released their highly charged new single 'I Don't Know Your Name'. Coming onto the scene in early 2023 the hard rock group from Glasgow have released four acclaimed singles and have toured Scotland from East to West. Their music videos have even seen them featured in Glasgow's Daily Record newspaper. 'I Don't Know Your Name' as the title kind of suggests is a story about a wild night of debauchery. This track leans more into a heavy metal sound especially with the large racing guitars, it's sleazy undertone is fitting to the theme of the track and this is a style that really suits In Charge. I would consider this one of the bands strongest songs and each member is given their chance to shine from the driving drum beats, to the rumbling bass, the rough rock vocals and the heavy metal leaning guitars. 'I Don't Know Your Name' gives everything, from it's catchy chorus to the filthy breakdown and the epic, bright guitar solo. This is easily my favourite song that In Charge have released and I am enjoying seeing how much this band is growing in such a short time.

Listen to 'I Don't Know Your Name' HERE

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