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Illyrian - A Lecherous Defalcation

Mad fun with a touch of excellence - it's Illyrian's new video for 'A Lecherous Defalcation'.


Can a song be fun and groovy while also haunting the listener? The answer is yes! After flying pretty much under the radar with their first two albums, Illyrian are back, and they are sicker and faster than ever! 'A Lecherous Defalcation' is loaded with a kind of tongue-in-cheek humour that's lacking in modern day metal. This horror themed track is one you know you're going to love from the get-go. It's heavy, thrashy and face-melting. 'A Lecherous Defalcation' is Illyrians come-back, and what a return it is! The band are working on an album for 2024 which won't feature this new single, but I'm sure it'll feature many headbanging, foot-stomping worthy tracks.

The video for this new single gave me a good giggle, check it out below.

'A Lecherous Defalcation' (Music Video)

Illyrian online

Source: CMM GmbH

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