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Bridget - Damage Reversal

EP Name: Damage Reversal

Artist: Bridget

Released: February 2024

Rating: 7.5/10


Photo by Olly Bromidge Edit/Art by Garo


  1. Throw Me In The Pit

  2. Reason

  3. Teeth

  4. Wanted You To Know

  5. Take Me Down

Up and coming punk/grunge artist Bridget has released her debut EP 'Damage Reversal'. From Essex, Bridget is a punk/grunge artist that is steadily gaining attention. Her energetic sound and electric stage presence have gained her support slots for the likes of, Dubwar, The Soap Girls, Sick Joy and she played support for a full UK tour with Pet Needs. Bridget has also featured on BBC Radio 1s Introducing Rock and Total Rock. Opening the EP is the hyper and infectious track 'Throw Me In The Pit', this one is a great opener throwing listeners straight into Bridget's raw and energetic punk rock sound. This one had me singing along to the lyric "are you gonna throw me in the pit" in no time. The track has a sprinkle of aggression over the hooky melody and fast-paced beat. 'Throw Me In The Pit' is my favourite of the five tracks and I think it fits into the British modern punk rock sound, and I could easily see this one played at either a small intimate gig or a festival slot. Next up on the EP is 'Reason' which is more of a rock grunge track. It's slower focusing more on the repetitive guitar melody. Vocally 'Reason' allows Bridget to show of their sweeter sound but there is still a lot of power there. 'Teeth' much like the opener of 'Damage Reversal' is very modern British punk rock. 'Teeth' has a bit of a groove to it and is one that will get you bopping along. The chorus is where this one shines as the lyrics are catchy and the drawn-out sounding vocals beg you to listen. However, the verses are a bit rougher especially towards the end and don't shine as much. In my opinion, one of the stronger songs on the EP is 'Wanted You To Know', it's a groovy punk, bass-driven track. This one is on the rougher more punk side of Bridget's sound and her vocals may not be as strong as they are in 'Throw Me In The Pit', but there's still a lot of rawness and power there. 'Wanted You To Know' had me thinking of rockier 2000's radio tracks that I would've listened to growing up, and I thought that was pretty cool. Closing 'Damage Reversal' is 'Take Me Down'. This one is probably my least favourite on the EP and too be honest this is one I could take or leave. It's the same energetic punk rock that is seen before in the EP but it just doesn't feel as polished, Lyrically and vocally I just wasn't feeling it, it picks up a bit towards the end when it breaks into a little gravelly chant which I did like, and the explosion of raw vocals with the building instruments is cool, but overall, not as good as the rest of the EP. 'Damage Reversal' is an EP for any modern punk rock lover. Bridget is delivering that Bratz goes heavy kind of sound that is really common at the minute, and I am quite a fan of. You can tell from just listening to 'Damage Reversal' that she is a badass, and after hearing this EP my main thought is that I have to see her live, even if it's just to experience 'Throw Me In The Pit' because I could imagine with the energy it gives off that it would be explosive. If you haven't checked 'Damage Reversal' out yet I would recommend it, Bridget is definitely a rising artist to watch out for. Listen to 'Damage Reversal' HERE

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