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Orbit Culture Sign To Century Media Records

Century Media Records have signed metal greats Orbit Culture to their roster.


Century Media Records are happy to announce that they have signed Swedish metal band Orbit Culture. Orbit Culture are a band at the forefront of extreme music at the moment and with their extensive touring schedules they have gained themselves a healthy following in the metal scene. Before the Swedish based group embark on their next album which will mark their debut album release with Century Media, they are first heading out on a tour across North America with Machine Head and Fear Factory. This will be followed by a headlining European tour titled 'Descending Into Madness'.

"Century Media is home to some of today's biggest metal bands out there and we couldn't be any happier to be part of their roster. We look forward to bringing you new music in the future and working closely together with Century Media's world class team." - (Orbit Culture)

"Watching Orbit Culture's rise to becoming one of the greatest metal bands in the world and now working with them is inspiring. I've personally been a fan since the beginning. They are part of both metal and Century Media's future in a very exciting way." - (Philipp Schulte, Century Media Vice President and Global Head)

"We are beyond excited to be working with Orbit Culture and their team at 5B (management). They've carved an indelible mark on the worldwide metal scene through vision, determination, and hard work. They're not merely a band leading the charge for extreme music right now - they're a band that will lead that charge for many years to come." - (Mike Gitter, Century Media Vice President of A&R North America)

Orbit Culture are

Niklas Karlsson: Vocals & Guitar Richard Hansson: Guitar Fredrik Lennartsson: Bass Christopher Wallerstedt: Drums

Orbit Culture online

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