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Frantic Love/The Accolades/The Skins - 20/08/2022 - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow

A lineup that shouldn't necessarily fit together proved that wrong with a high intensity show that saw each band reach new heights at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow last weekend. With this being The Skins largest headline show to date, The Accolades first gig in Glasgow and just an overall first gig for Frantic Love this is one I'm very happy I didn't miss.


Frantic Love

If I didn't know that this was the first gig for metal rockers Frantic Love nothing would've gave it away. The three-piece delivered a show that was much more like something from a well established band. These guys have this sound that could easily be likened to groups like Metallica and a look to match. Frantic Love are a band that give you exactly what you think you're gonna get and will leave you far from dissappointed. They're talents were apparent from the originals that they played to the appropriate feeling cover of Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' which had the crowd going wild. Frantic Love definitely captured my attention and from the crowd reaction it seemed they really had everyone else fully invested too. For me this three-piece were one of those bands you see and instantly when you get home you're on Spotify checking out their music. The three-track EP which is available to stream now gives just a little taste of what these guys are like and that old classic metal sort of sound they give off. Frantic Love are dirty, loud in your face rock n roll and are a band I would really recommend going to see. I personally am excited to see how they grow as they play more and more.

Recommended song: Silver Rings

Listen to self-titled debut EP HERE

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The Accolades

Second act of the night were The Accolades. The indie group are also fairly new to the gigging scene as together they have only played a few gigs and this was there first in Glasgow. As a Glasgow based band it is quite funny that they have played in Aberdeen more than their hometown but this was the perfect night and venue for them to do their Glasgow debut. The Accolades also weren't performing with their usual lineup as bassist Reece is away from the band and is being temporarily replaced. Even without their standard lineup these guys absolutely smashed it. It was interesting for me to see the difference from reviewing their first ever gig to now, a few in. It already feels like they have grown so much within their own sound and as I feel like I said before they just look like they belong on stage but this time so much more comfortably. It was really cool to see people jumping about and singing along with their songs even though they haven't actually released anything yet. Some highlights for me were definitely their opening track which I didn't get the name of but is shown below, 'Enemy' and the same track they closed with when I saw them previously which again had the crowd getting fully involved. The Accolades for me are a really fun band to go see live, I guarantee it would be hard not to smile and have a good time watching the four-piece get up and do what they do best. The Accolades deliver upbeat indie tones with rough vocals and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days. I can't stress enough that if you haven't seen them live you should, I personally will be going to as many of their gigs as I can and I am patiently waiting for them to drop some tunes that I can listen to in between.

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The Skins

Headliner for the night was Inverclyde's indie punk group The Skins and I couldn't of asked for a better band to close the night. Having never seen these guys before I didn't know what to expect and looking at them before they took to the stage nothing could have prepared me for the intense, attention holding performance that was away to happen. To look at these guys you would expect or at least I did, a typical indie outfit. This however was not the case. The Skins do have an indie element about them but their sound seems to lean more in a punk direction, it's loud aggressive and a performance I personally could not take my eyes away from. From the second the frontman came on stage the whole place felt like it exploded with energy from the crowd to the band themselves. These guys seem to leave everything on the stage and at moments there's almost this sense of vulnerability, as if you are seeing everything. The Skins performed some originals including new single 'Binds (Play Me)' which has quickly become a favourite of mine. The group also treated the audience to a selection of covers such as Idles 'Colossus', a tuned down version of Skepta's 'Shutdown' and crowd pleaser 'Baby One More Time' from Britney Spears, which had everyone happily singing and dancing along. A highlight of this set for me was actually their cover of Idles 'Colossus' as it gave what felt like a more emtional tone to the already great song and I think The Skins really managed to make that song their own. In my opinion The Skins are one of those bands that you can't capture their energy without seeing them live, it really is something else so if you get the chance I would highly recommend checking them out.

Recommended song: Binds (Play Me)

Listen to most recent single 'Binds (Play Me) HERE

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