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Ceramics - Tile Like You Mean It

EP Name: Tile Like You Mean It

Artist: Ceramics

Released: November 2022

Rating: 6/10



  1. Take Me

  2. Desperate Plans

  3. Claws

  4. Hike

  5. Close the Door

Ceramics are a loud group made up of five friends. Their live show will have you up and jumping about in no time, and they have managed to bottle some of that energy into their first ever EP 'TIle Like You Mean It'. The five-piece are an alt rock/punk band that may have been known in the Aberdeen gigging scene for a while, but they have recently released their first EP 'Tile Like You Mean It' following their debut single 'Hike' this year. Opening this EP is 'Take Me', this one starts out with this chilled-out intro but quickly takes an unexpected turn. Going into a very punk feeling direction 'Take Me' picks up pace and is full of energy. Much like I found with other songs on 'Tile Like You Mean It' the vocals don't entirely feel like they fit the instrumental but on 'Take Me' the catchy lyrics that are presented can kind of make up for that. Second song on 'Tile Like You Mean It' is a personal favourite of mine. 'Desperate Plans' is very punk and I feel like it really captures the energy of Ceramics. The main riff is really fun and makes this a really fun song to bop your head along to. 'Claws' and 'Hike' are the next two tracks and probably my least favourite on here. With 'Claws' I did quite enjoy the calmer sound that it has and the fact it seems a lot more emotional than other songs on 'Tile Like You Mean It'. I personally really likes the verses, but I would've liked to see the chorus stick to the same kind of tone. 'Hike' was the first single from Ceramics and its very alt rock/punky but for me this is not one I've ever particularly loved. I feel like it's a little disjointed at times, but I will say it does have a pretty catchy chorus lyrically. The last song on 'Tile Like You Mean It' is 'Close the Door'. This one is a band favourite and I can see why. This one stands out a little differently to Ceramics other tracks and it feels more alt rock with a sort of experimental element. I can also see this one being seen as a bit more ballady than other songs Ceramics put out. The emotion is definitely clear, and it is a pretty cool song. Overall, 'Tile Like You Mean It' is probably not one of my favourite EP's I've ever heard but there are some pretty cool moments to be enjoyed. Having seen these guys live I would definitely prefer to head to a show and take part in the energy than just listen to the EP, but it does manage to give you a little bit of the same feeling.

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