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Acid Claw - Sleepwalker

Have you seen the latest video for Acid Claw's infectious track 'Sleepwalker'?


With 'out of the box' thinking and an 'anything goes' attitude metal/punk band Acid Claw have released a video for riotous single 'Sleepwalker'. Acid Claw have been together since 2020 and together they have a unique sound with roots in metal and punk. The bands debut album 'Horror Comic' was birthed in the summer of 2021 and was recorded at the acclaimed old Cider Press studio with Dave Draper. Acid Claw have been performing across the UK and are quickly gaining notoriety. 'Sleepwalker' is a track that is full of energy and shows off the bands unique sound. 'Sleepwalker' comes as a tribue to a huge influence of the group...

"As a huge fan of the band Power Trip, upon hearing the tragic news that the singer Riley Gale had passed away I picked up my guitar and wanted to write something fast, energetic and entertaining. I wrote the chorus first then the rest fell into place as I was inspired by Riley's onstage enthusiasm and to losing an amazing frontman." - (David Anderson, Vocals & Guitar)

Listening to 'Sleepwalker' the first thing I noticed how energetic and fun this track is. The whole thing feels like some kind of twisted circus like you know you shouldn't be there but something about it just keeps drawing you back for more and more. Everything in 'Sleepwalker' feels theatrical and definitely fits the bands 'out of the box' way of thinking. This is one I have basically had on repeat since finding out about it and the video that goes alongside 'Sleepwalker' is just as crazy and super fun watch.

If you haven't checked 'Sleepwalker' out yet you should be listening to it right now. This is a song and band that you don't want to miss out on and I am so excited to have had them brought to my attention.

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