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Empty Guns - Prelude To Madness

Greek alt rock/grunge band Empty Guns get entangled between reality and dreams with new single 'Prelude To Madness'.


Empty Guns new single 'Prelude To Madness' gives a taste of what one imagines it could feel like to sit at the edge of madness. From Athens, Greece, Empty Guns have emerged as a dynamic force. The group who were originally formed by Stacy and Dimitris when they decided to combine their solo writing projects in 2018 are now comprised of four talented musicians. Stacy Mousakian, Dimitris Oikonomou, Giannis Kalampalikis and Dimitris Mpalomenos put out their first EP as Empty Guns in 2019. Following from that was their single 'Lick The Devils Horn' in 2021 which led to them being signed with SODEH Records. Empty Guns are an impressive band that deliver their own diverse take on alternative music. 'Prelude To Madness' is about being caught between reality and a dream. It essentially explores being on the verge of losing sanity, sitting on the precipice of madness. 'Prelude To Madness' stands out as a reflection of the fragility of the human mind.

Listen to 'Prelude To Madness' HERE

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