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Artist: Emily Coffey

Released: November 2022

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. ifeelshitty

  2. Convergent Evolution

  3. Falling Away From Me

  4. Taste of You

  5. Daddy Issues

  6. LMTFA

Solo metal artist Emily Coffey, formerly Jordan Coffey has recently released her EP 'A NEW FORM OF SELF-HATRED'. This six-track combines sounds to create something that really isn't like anything else she has released before. Emily Coffey is based in Portland, Maine and has been releasing music since 2017. She came onto my radar with previous single 'LMTFA' which showed off her Spiritbox/Jinjer like sound. 'A NEW FORM OF SELF-HATRED' opens with 'ifeelshitty', this one feels like what I expected. The mix of impressive heavy screams and then the gentle softer vocals. I would say the same for second track 'Convergent Evolution' as well, if you've heard Emily Coffey's music before you can know what to expect. I personally with these two tracks wasn't as impressed with the soft vocals as I was on 'LMTFA' though. Next up on the EP is a really interesting one, 'Falling Away From Me'. Emily Coffey delivers her own unique take on Korn's popular track and honestly it took me a minute to realize what this was. The song feels futuristic and almost other-worldly. I actually really enjoyed hearing what Emily Coffey had done with this track and as much as again I wasn't super into the vocals just the way this one was presented made me want to hear more. My favourites on 'A NEW FROM OF SELF-HATRED' have to be 'LMFTA' and 'Taste Of You'. 'Taste Of You' follows on from the Korn cover and I liked how it took me straight back to that heavier metal style that I enjoy from Emily Coffey. 'LMFTA' is in my opinion the strongest of her songs but 'Taste of You' I would consider a pretty strong competitor. The only song on 'A NEW FORM OF SELF-HATRED' I haven't mentioned yet is 'Daddy Issues'. This one is very different to everything else on the EP. It seems more current pop influenced and in my opinion this one just doesn't fit the EP. It's an okay song but it just seems very out of place, and I would've preferred to see it as maybe a stand-alone piece. Emily Coffey has released a pretty good EP with 'A NEW FORM OF SELF-HATRED'. There are definitely songs I prefer more than others but as an overall experience I did enjoy it. I think I will be returning to listen to songs such as 'LMTFA' and 'Taste of You' but there's also pieces like 'Daddy Issues' that I probably won't be listening to again. Having said this give it a listen for yourself and see how you feel about Emily Coffey's new EP.


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