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Aklias - All My Sins

EP Name: All My Sins

Artist: Aklias

Released: November 2022

Rating: 7/10



  1. Rotting Away

  2. Black Hole Chest

  3. Morior Invictus

  4. Reflections

  5. All My Sins

  6. Crawl My Way Out

'All My Sins' is the debut EP from Scottish based metal band Aklias. The six-track that was released earlier this month blends 2000's metal with a more modern sound, creating something that is enjoyable for any metal music lover. Aklias formed in early 2019 in the Scottish Highlands. The group have begun gaining a decent following within their local music scene and show off a combination of sounds from their many metal-based influences. Recording for 'All My Sins' started in April 2022 and was released on the 11th of November also of this year. This is the bands debut EP with their only previous released being a featured single 'Rotting Away'. 'Rotting Away' is the opening track for 'All My Sins' and is definitely a favourite of mine on this EP. You can easily hear the 2000's metal influences especially within the verses with their shouting like vocals. However, the chorus is a little calmer and is probably the reason I enjoyed this song so much. In ways 'Rotting Away' reminds me of the early Bullet For My Valentine songs I used to love as a teenager. I am a big fan of the way 'Rotting Away' has a mix of emotion and the song feels like it rises and falls. The chorus has catchy lyrics, and this is one I could imagine singing along with at the top of my voice in a crowd. Next up on 'All My Sins' is probably my other favourite track on here 'Black Hole Chest'. This one is faster and is more reminiscent of the 2000's metal sound. I really liked the lower tone of the vocals in this one and I feel like 'Black Hole Chest' suits Aklias. Third track on the EP 'Morior Invictus' has this really epic intro that makes you feel like you are really in for a treat. This is a confusing one for me though, because as much as I love the epic intro and the chorus in it is so good I just feel like the verses don't fit everything else that's going on. The song doesn't quite match itself and I was a little disappointed because 'Morior Invictus' could've been another song I really liked. Before the last two tracks is a little interlude type moment 'Reflections', this is a very nice piece and again reminds me of the kind of things early days Bullet For My Valentine and other bands of that era would've had within their albums. The last two on the EP are title track 'All My Sins' and 'Crawl My Way Out' which I wasn't as keen on. As with 'Morior Invictus' I just don't feel like they flow as nicely as the first two on the EP. There are parts in each which I can enjoy but as a whole I just don't feel like they work for me. Overall, 'All My Sins' is an EP with some really good moments and for a debut EP I think it's pretty good. Songs like 'Rotting Away' and 'Black Hole Chest' are very enjoyable and are songs I will be continuing to listen to. Do I think 'All My Sins' is perfect in every track, no, but it doesn't have to be. I think there's enough within to satisfy any metal listener and I'm intrigued to see how Aklias grow.

Rotting Away (Official Music Video)

Aklias are

Steven Hossack: Lead Vocals & Bass Nathan Mackie: Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals Ryan Davidson: Lead Guitar

Listen to 'All My Sins' HERE

Aklias online


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