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Caustic Waves - Barriers

Caustic Waves brings another dose of 90's nostalgia-tinged, alt-rock with new single 'Barriers'.


Caustic Waves the solo project by lifelong music lover Neil Thomas is releasing his next single 'Barriers' on the 7th of October. The alt-rock/post-hardcore piece shows off the heavier sound that Caustic Waves has. Full-time software engineer by day and music producer by night Neil Thomas has had a lifelong passion for music. The busy father of two has taken his experience over the years to create the project that is Caustic Waves. With influences from bands such as Incubus, Far, Deftones, Helmet, Finger Eleven combined with experience from previous bands Keitel and The Chinaskis that Thomas played in, he has created his own nostalgic feeling sound. Out on the 7th of October 'Barriers' delivers emotional vocals and a strong chorus. The track talks of a fractured relationship that's in need of healing. 'Barriers' is taken from the upcoming six-track debut album from Caustic Waves, recording for which began in April of 2020 and has lasted over 18 months. The songs were produced, engineered and mixed by Thomas at his home studio in Glasgow before going to mastering engineer Andrea Gobbi (Carrier Waves Mastering) for a final polish. 'Barriers' is a track that instantly had my attention, opening with a strong riff and thundering drums this one from the get-go proves to be something a little heavier than your typical alt-rock. The emotional vocals that join add a nice layer to the attack of the instruments that you are first met with. You can definitely hear the 90's tinge within 'Barriers', that is present within all of Caustic Waves discography but I would say that this one stands out as being a little more modern than songs I have heard before. 'Barriers' is a song worth checking out when it comes out on the 7th of October but in the meantime why not also check out some previous releases from Caustic Waves. This is a cool project that combines todays alt-rock with 90's nostalgia and Caustic Waves really delivers on every song.

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