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Se, Josta Ei Puhuta - Murskaa Unelmat

Finnish melodic death/black metal band Se, Josta Ei Puhuta have released a second single from their upcoming third studio album 'Murskaa Unelmat'.


Album cover by Bahrull Marta

Finnish metal band have released their second single 'Murskaa Unelmat' (Shatter Dreams) from their upcoming third album 'Gehenna' that is set for release on the 22nd of April. Se, Josta Ei Puhuta were established back in 2007, in Iisalm, Finland by original member Samu Mannikko. Their first year the band recorded a self-titled demo that landed them a record deal with Sound of Finland and by May 2010 they had put out their first album 'Ne, joista ei puhuta'. Then in 2011 the band moved over to Spinefarm Records and put out their second full length 'Musta, kylma, syva ja samea'. Over this period the band also were touring across Finland and putting in place preperations for their third album but this ended up getting delayed and wasn't until 2020 that the group decided to go ahead and complete the project. 2020 was also the year that Se, Josta Ei Puhuta saw their only line-up change when Ilkka Nissinen stepped aside.

"Become part of the grey and learn to love it. Drown into mediocracy and spread the gospel. You were born to it and will die being part of it. Shatter dreams!" - (Samu Mannikko, Vocalist)

Band Line Up

Samu Mannikko: Vocals Harri Granquist: Guitar Heikki Matero: Guitar Juho-Pekka Lappalainen: Bass Teemu Roth: Session Drums

Listen to 'Murskaa Unelmat'

Pre order 'Gehenna' CD HERE

Pre Save next single 'Kuolleena Syntynnyt' (out March 10th) HERE

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Picture by Tuiija Matero

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