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Polymorth - Rainmaking

Solo artist Polymorth is releasing his next progressive metal single 'Rainmaking' on the 16th of February which will be accompanied by the calmer electronic track 'Drip.Drip..Drip....'


Polymorth's new single 'Rainmaking' comes with two tracks which stand out as being very different from one another but also two songs that compliment each other. The solo artist from Norfolk, UK is someone I have come to see branch his sound across genres and this two track release shows off the versatility which Polymorth has. Main track 'Rainmaking' is this heavy progressive metal song whereas companion piece 'Drip.Drip..Drip....' is a calm electronic hopeful piece. 'Rainmaking' begins with this radio like talking intro before the guitar comes in. Instantly I was hooked with this one. The basically instrumental song only features vocals in the form of these distant sounding distorted screams but the track is not lacking in any way. The whole thing flows as it should with the perfect level of rises, falls and headbanging worthy moments throughout. This is a really enjoyable piece to listen to from that gnarly, heavy rhythm to the almsot staggered ending. It just works. 'Drip.Drip..Drip....' as I previously mentioned is very different from 'Rainmaking'. Instantly you can see that it is a calmer piece with the rain falling sound effects. I felt that this track has a sense of being very hopeful and magical. You can almost envision yourself sat peacefully in a quite forest with none of lifes annoyances there to bother you. This one as well as 'Rainmaking' just flows together really well and fits the concept. I would recommend checking this single out in it's entirety as the two tracks are a perfect compliment to each other. 'Drip.Drip..Drip....' just rounding off the meal like that refreshing mint. Polymorth is a really interesting artist to me as no two songs are the same. He doesn't seem to fit into any genre as previous single I reviewed 'Sollipsis' I compared to a more Foo Fighters type sound which is nothing like these two songs, yet they're still great. Give this single a listen when it comes out on the 16th and while you wait check out Polymorth's previous work and like me you might find an artist that you really enjoy.

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