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Daryll Bensley - Do You Believe In All You See?

Album Name: Do You Believe In All You See?

Artist: Daryll Bensley

Released: June 2023

Rating: 6/10



  1. Devices (Control)

  2. Affirmation

  3. Crimes

  4. Here We Go Again

  5. Shoreline Dreaming

  6. The Happy News

  7. The Next Day (We Are the Future)

  8. Maybe Its an Off Day (So Far Away)

  9. Can I Leave You With This?

Daryll Bensley embarks on their solo adventure with hard rock album 'Do You Believe In All You See?'. 'Do You Believe In All You See?' is this sort of sad toned stoner/hard rock album. It comes from Aberdeen based Daryll Bensley who I best know as the frontman for noisy rock band Ceramics. The albums sound is quite similar to the stuff I have heard from the band Ceramics but Daryll Bensley definitely changes things up a little for his solo stuff. I would say it feels calmer and a bit more rock than grunge/punk. This album is an easy one to just sort of chill out to. I would say a lot of the tracks included, sound as though 70's and 90's stoner rock has been combined with typical hard rock. We are met with this sound instantly as opener 'Devices (Control)' comes in, this one really leans on the more 90's sound and the chorus has a powerful energy. Probably the "heaviest" on the album is third track 'Crimes', however I couldn't really call it heavy. The sort of sleepy hard rock tune feels like it belongs in the 90's rock era much like opener 'Devices (Control)'. I felt as though I could hear more grungy elements in 'Crimes' than any other on 'Do You Believe In All You See?' but for me this one isn't particularly a standout track. On the other hand following on from 'Crimes' is 'Here We Go Again' which honestly to start with I wasn't a fan but this one grew on me big time and has become my favourite on the album. Feeling a little more classic rock inspired I found myself interested by the melody and by the second chorus I was hooked by the catchy lyric "Here We Go Again". Another one that I quite liked on 'Do You Believe In All You See?' is closer 'Can I Leave You With This?'. This one is very chilled out and has a little bit of a gothic rock feel to it. The guitar work is beautiful and 'Can I Leave You With This?' just has a really cool vibe about it. It was quite repetitive but in a way that lets your brain just sort of melt into the sound and enjoy it. Honestly, I don't have much else to say on this one. There's a couple of songs on 'Do You Believe In All You See?' that I enjoyed and some that I didn't like as much. I feel as though this solo project is like a calmed down version of the band I am used to seeing Daryll Bensley appear in and maybe it's just because I'm so used to hearing that format that I think this way, but it meant that the tracks on 'Do You Believe In All You See?' already felt kind of familiar, and this isn't a bad thing just felt like something I had heard before. This however is minus 'Here We Go Again' and 'Can I Leave You With This?' which did stand out and I personally really enjoyed.

Listen to 'Do You Believe In All You See?' HERE


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