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Blue Sunday - Dirty Habits

First review of the year and it's a good one! 'Dirty Habits' is the newest double single from alt rock band Blue Sunday. The single was released late last year and contains a sensual track that will have you singing along in no time.


On the 10th of December 2022 alt rock 3-piece Blue Sunday released their double single which contains the 'Dirty Habits' track along with a 'Live Acoustic Version'. Blue Sunday isn't a band I had heard of prior to this review but I am so happy I have found out about them now. If this double single is anything to go by then I will be listening to these guys going forward. The double single's main focus 'Dirty Habits' is a sensual grungy track about temptation and desire. It's one I found very easy to get lost in. The single was written and recorded over last summer, and you can sort of sense the summery energy within the song. Opening up with an ear-catching rhythm section which is soon joined by the sensual melody of the vocals. Before 'Dirty Habits' even reaches the chorus, I was hooked. Yet when the chorus comes in it takes the track even higher with a grungy feeling chorus. The lyrics are easy to catch onto and had me singing along almost instantly. The song just grows and grows before throwing this vocal harmony at you and then exploding into a track that would easily fit into the grunge rock category. The 'Live Acoustic Version' of 'Dirty Habits' is also 100% worth a listen. Without the hammering rhythm section, I think this song becomes more haunting and dangerous, much like a siren song. The vocals just pull you right in and personally I can't get enough. If you haven't heard these guys before, go give them a listen. 'Dirty Habits' is the perfect place to start.

Listen to 'Dirty Habits' HERE

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