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Audiokicks - Coexist

EP Name: Coexist

Artist: Audiokicks

Released: November 2022

Label: Fat Hippy Records

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Hardest Game

  2. Coexist

  3. Thoughts and Prayers

  4. Winding Road

  5. Same Old Stories

Earlier this month Aberdeen based alt-rock four-piece Audiokicks released their powerful EP 'Coexist'. Popular in the gigging scene with their emotionally charged tracks Audiokicks continue to deliver powerful songs. The lifelong project of front man Iain Jamieson, have grown in their sound since a lineup change in 2019 and 'Coexist' showcases this growth perfectly. Opening with the first single to come from 'Coexist', 'Hardest Game' brings you into this EP with an upbeat feeling. The song was released earlier this year and has been a personal favourite of mine. I think this is a fun choice as an opener and greets the listener warmly. Following on from 'Hardest Game' is another really strong track. 'Coexist' which shares its name with the EP quickly changes direction from the opener and you are hit with this really powerful song about diversity and the human inability to just exist and live peacefully together. This one especially with the vocals pushes this strong emotion and is backed up by beautiful weaving guitars and drums that hold you the whole way through. The next two songs on 'Coexist' are more upbeat and in my opinion very 2000's alt-rock feeling. 'Thoughts and Prayers' I think is probably the most rock feeling on the EP and I love the catchy riff and the way the vocal harmonies are used within this track. 'Winding Road' has quickly become a favourite of mine. It has this ear pleasing melody that easily gets stuck in your head. it's one I can't not bop along to. Closing the EP is 'Same Old Stories' which was the last single before this release. It's more chilled out energy makes for a gentle close and it's lullaby like melody is just really nice to listen to. 'Coexist' 100% shows off how Audiokicks have grown but they have never lost their sound. Even listening to early releases compared to this you know who you are listening to. I really enjoyed this EP; I liked the mix of rockier upbeat tracks and then the more emotion filled pieces. These guys never disappoint and 'Coexist' is one I recommend giving a listen all the way through.

Audiokicks are

Iain Jamieson: Lead Vocals & Guitar Gavin Baxter: Lead Guitar, Synth & Backing Vocals Mathilde Fongen: Bass & Backing Vocals Jamie Reid: Drums & Backing Vocals

Check out Audiokicks and listen to their music HERE

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