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Blank Atlas - Hope

Bristol's Blank Atlas have released 'Hope', ahead of their performance at 2000 Trees.


On the 21st of June, Blank Atlas ended their debut album cycle with the final single release 'Hope'. From Bristol, Blank Atlas are a three-piece that supply huge choruses and killer riffs. Taking inspiration from bands like Arcane Roots, Press to MECO and Biffy Clyro the alt rockers have gained support from Kerrang! Radio, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing. Back on the 5th of May 2023, Blank Atlas released their debut album 'Dawn Chorus', which led them to do some extensive touring and gave them opportunities to share stages with the likes of Holding Absence, Jamie Lenman and Superlove. The newest single 'Hope' from Blank Atlas is the final chapter to their debut album giving listeners an optimistic ending.

"We were so pleased with the response from (our debut album) 'Dawn Chorus', we wanted to continue the journey a little longer with a song that ties into the album. Lyrically, 'Hope' is an extension of the final song on the album, 'Give Up'. We took the theme of that song - hopelessness - and gave it more of a positive spin. If you listen to the album in full, it'll seamlessly transition into 'Hope'. We wanted the new single to be considered as part of the album, which is why we wanted people to be able to listen to it all as one body of work." - (Chris Simpson, Bassist)

This new single has a great energy about it and the modern alt rock sound has a very hopeful feeling. 'Hope' sounds a lot like other British alt rock bands that are around at the minute and it's a sound that works. I think Blank Atlas have done something a bit different with this release, as it can be added to the end of their most recent album to not only continue the story but to end it on a high note. I'm a big fan of the large chorus and the bouncy beat that carries the song, then there's the soaring vocals over the alt rock guitars that tie the whole thing together. My absolute favourite moment of this track is the breakdown that ends it, closing Blank Atlas's 'Dawn Chorus' chapter with something to bang your head to.

Listen to 'Hope' HERE

Blank Atlas are

Tom Thould: Drums & Vocals Dan Thould: Guitar & Vocals Chris Simpson: Bass & Vocals

Blank Atlas online

Picture by Claire Hodgkins

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