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Badflower - F*ck The World

Badflower come into 2021 with their first single of the year. An appropriately titled track "F*ck The World"


Badflower have released their first song of the year "F*ck The World", a song that is reminiscent of the likes of Nirvana in sound. The song feels very fitting with everything that has happened over the past year. I think in a way we all just wanna scream "F*ck The World". The single cover is interesting to me as Josh Katz has been showing off on his social media that he has moved onto a farm so this picture mirrors that. It gives the impression that maybe his idea in moving was so that he could say "F*ck The World" and escape from it all. Just hang out with the cows. Badflower have been working on new music and I'm excited to see what else we will recieve from them in 2021. The band are known for creating meaningful tracks that express emotions that a lot of artists are scared to go that deep into. Based on the way the new music they have been working on has been described I think we can expect more of that same style.

Badflower are:

Josh Katz: Lead Vocals, Guitar Joey Morrow: Guitar Alex Espiritu: Bass Anothony Sonetti: Drums

You can check out Badflower's music here

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