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Bad Actress - Living In Paradise

Scottish rock n rollers Bad Actress recently released their uplifting track 'Living In Paradise'.


From the North of Scotland, Bad Actress are bringing a large glam metal type nostalgia with their track 'Living In Paradise'. 'Living In Paradise' follows on from Bad Actress's previous single 'Dynamite Lover' which received plays on radio all over the world, including being featured on Planet Rock Radio. Along with releasing popular singles the band have been busy touring around the UK. Bad Actress have been seen in Nairn, Inverness, Newcastle, Birmingham and are also set to play the WinterStorm festival in Troon in November. Released on the 20th of October 'Living In Paradise' is yet another glam metal, hard rock track from Bad Actress that feels fun and uplifting.

"'Living In Paradise' is about freedom, or at least the fantasy of freedom as we imagine it to be. It's about allowing yourself to abandon the things that hold you back from following your dreams and doing what really makes you happy. It's also about appreciating the small things we might take for granted; finding the paradise in our everyday lives, the people and the environment we share it with." - (Chick McFarlane)

My first impression of 'Living In Paradise' is that it is fun and is a song I could imagine being really well received in a live setting. Too be honest I imagine Bad Actress just all round being a great band to see live. The single has a large anthemic chorus that is complimented by a catchy vocal melody. The song is full of bright guitars and uplifting drums, I think it's impossible for this one not to make you feel good. 'Living In Paradise' has a healthy dose of 80's hair metal nostalgia and personally being a lover of that era of music I can say I am a fan of 'Living In Paradise' and Bad Actress.

'Living In Paradise' (Official Video)

Listen to 'Living In Paradise' HERE

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