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Big Red Fire Truck - Psychotropic Thunder

Australian rockers Big Red Fire Truck have released a video for their track 'Psychotropic Thunder'.


Taken from their upcoming EP, the Australian rock quartet have released a video to go along with 'Psychotropic Thunder'. Big Red Fire Truck was started by lead vocalist Digby back in 2016 as a bit of fun. The artist wanted to hear more songs in the heavy metal style that he loves so decided to create them himself. Big Red Fire Truck clearly have a sound that is inspired by the heavy and glam metal sound of the 80's, but they bring their own character to the table, delivering something fun for audiences. 'Psychotropic Thunder' from the upcoming EP 'Trouble In Paradise' is another song from Big Red Fire Truck that pays a clear homage to the likes of Van Halen, The Darkness or other bands from that 80's heavy metal era.

"'Psychotropic Thunder' is about someone trying to escape back to reality as the paranoia of insanity slowly takes over their mind. If you listen closely to the lyrics, it's actually using the movie Predator, yes, the Arnie movie, as a metaphor for it. The sound is also heavily influenced by old video games of that era and Digby trained for six months as a professional wrestler just for the video clip. It's full 80's heavy metal here." - (Big Red Fire Truck)

'Trouble In Paradise' the band's upcoming EP is set for release on the 4th of August but while you wait for that, check out the video for 'Psychotropic Thunder'.

'Psychotropic Thunder' (Official Video)

Big Red Fire Truck are

Digby: Guitar & Lead Vocals Ben Frank: Guitar Nick Frazier: Bass Pete Grant: Drums & Vocals

Big Red Fire Truck online

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