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Attic Theory - Dare to Dream

Award winning rock band Attic Theory share a motivational message with their latest release 'Dare to Dream'.


Attic Theory's latest track 'Dare to Dream' is powerful and emotionally charged, inspiring listeners to overcome adversity and fearlessly pursue their dreams. Led by Lewis Wright's commanding vocals, Attic Theory have been paving their way in the music scene. Completing the bands lineup is Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler on the guitars, Lucy Ellen on bass and Norm Walker on drums. Together they have created their own unique blend of alternative groove rock.

"The track represents a personal journey of perseverance. During a challenging period in my life. I faced an obstacle and underwent throat surgery. However, I refused to let these setbacks define me or hold me back from finishing our debut album. I believe the song reflects my determination to rise above adversity and encourages others to do the same." - (Lewis Wright, Vocals)

'Dare to Dream' is taken from Attic Theory's debut album 'What We Fear The Most'. The album saw success as it reached 165 on the ITunes UK top 200 mainstream chart, as well as the albums singles 'Papier-Mache' and 'Violent Delight' both entering the ITunes France top 50 alternative singles chart. 'What We Fear The Most' touches upon struggles we all face in life, delving into the depths of human emotion. 'Dare to Dream' is an anthem that will resonate with fans worldwide and it proves Attic Theory's ability to create deeply empowering music.

Listen to 'Dare to Dream' HERE

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