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Aberdeen Band Weekender

The Aberdeen Band Weekender was a great introduction back into live music for me. The two day charity festival was put together in aid of the Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre in Kincorth. Both days showed off incredible bands including: The Zenith, Bleach HCP, Ugly Clinic, Cadheart, Masenko & The Ruckus.


The two day charity event was a great excuse to have an amazing time, listening to some incredible bands while also raising money for a great cause. The Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre care's for people aged 18 and over with a range of neurological conditions such as Huntington's Disease and multiple scelorosis. Overall this weekend was great and there was so many good bands so I'm gonna focus on a few of my favourites. There wasn't many bands that I had seen before so it was really nice to be able to check out some people who were new to me. Along with talking a bit about them I'm gonna give you guys a song by each that I recommend you check out!


First band I want to mention is the heavy celtic rock band that kicked off the whole weekend; Cadheart. Opening with a band this powerful really showed that the weekend was off to a good start. The heavy almost southern type rock mixed with the violin really provided something fun and enticing. I can't talk about this band without mentioning the lead singers vocals as I think that is what made me really fall in love with them. Their gritty almost growly at times voice mixed well with the heavy drums and guitars and then was nicely topped off with the beautiful violin.

Recommended song: 'Cold Like the Devil'

Check out Cadheart


Alt rock four piece Masenko are a band with a love for hairy testicles {if you know, you know) but seriously, these guys have a great energy about them and put on an amazing live show. Their songs are catchy and will be stuck in your head for days. It seemed no matter what went wrong they could laugh it off and carry on giving the crowd exactly what they wanted. I found myself smiling the whole way through this set and when it ended I just wanted more.

Recommended song: 'Demon Brains'

Check out Masenko

The Ruckus

Saving my favourite for last. No nonsense rockers The Ruckus completelty stole the show for me on Sunday. The stage presence and energy of these guys is unmatched. One of those sets where you're totally lost in it and completely forget the outside world. Energetic rock n roll filled the place as lead vocalist commanded the stage and even took a moment down in the crowd encouraging people to participate in with their show. This is a band I will 100% be seeing again and listening to their albums.

Recommended song: 'Welcome to the End'

Check out The Ruckus


I'm gonna finish with a few recommendations of bands that I saw over the weekend that I haven't named above but still put on great shows.

Ugly Clinic, Bleach HCP, The Zenith, Salems Lot, Height of Abuse.

Overall it was a great weekend with great people, amazing music and of course was for a great cause. I had a lot of fun and I also have to give a little shoutout to the catering for the event Burning Hands & Plates who provided some very tasty burgers outside the venue.


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