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Wolfman Circus

Wolfman Circus are a hard hitting heavy rock/metal band from Sheffield. So far in 2021 they have released three singles two of which are live tracks and they are now working on a new song that will be released by the end of the year.


Wolfman Circus seem to be a pretty theatrical band and even having just listened to their most recent singles I could imagine some big larger than life show. I do know they like to use props on stage such as coffins and fake blood and I could imagine that their shows are very entertaining. The band play a blend of classic rock, metal and heavy rock with influences from artists such as; Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Saxon, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Twisted Sister and many others. Lord Wolfman aka Danny Allsebrook leads this wolf pack and the backing band that accompany him has changed over the years but one person that sticks around is Lord Wolfmans main writing partner 'Toasty' who has stuck around for about seventeen years. Listening to Wolfman Circus's most recent singles I could definitely hear the influences that are listed above. The first one I listened to was the first release of 2021 'Heavy Rock', this song basically does what it says on the tin. The track is loud and quite chaotic at times. It also comes complete with a great guitar solo. However there was one thing I didn't particularly enjoy with this one and that was that in my opinion I believe that the vocals were lost a little bit and they didn't seem to have the strength to carry the song but this could be due to how it was recorded as I wouldn't say that about the live tracks that I heard. My favourite song from this band has to be their live version of 'free to be me'. This one pays a great tribute to many classic rock bands that I love with that riff driven sound. I found with 'free to be me' I also almost got a hint of a punk sound within it. After hearing this and other live track 'your my goddess' I could imagine these guys being a really fun band to see live especially knowing about their use of props. Wolfman Circus are currently working on a new song 'Lost in Love' that is expected to be released by the end of the year.

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