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Rocking Corpses - Death Blues

Album Name: Death Blues

Artist: Rocking Corpses Leper Laze: Vocals Tony Decay: Guitar, Dirty Vocals Pestilence Pete: Guitar Maggot Mike: Bass Tom Bones: Drums

Released: July 2021

Label: Inverse Records

Rating: 5/10



01. There Will Be Death (intro)

02. Body

03. Buried

04. As High as You Can Get

05. Rocking Corpses pt II

06. Derailed

07. Drinking with the Dead

08. Another Day in Casket

09. Losing Day

10. Necrophilove

11. Death is Something to Die for

12. War for Doom

Rocking Corpses are a project that shows a creative mix of horror, death metal and blues. The Finnish group were originally formed in 2007 by Guitarist Tony Decay and he was quickly joined by vocalist Leper Laze. It has taken Rocking Corpses many years to find their full line up as they weren't fully formed till 2017. They're first album 'Rock 'n' Rott' was released back in 2012 under Abyss Records so 'Death Blues' is the first time we get to hear the full new line up and it is also the first album that they have released under Inverse Records. 'Death Blues' is due to be put out on the 2nd of July 2021. 'Death Blues' feels aptly named as the songs are a mix of Death Metal and Blues. This combination is an interesting but unusual choice. There are songs on 'Death Blues' that work really well with this formula such as 'Buried' which was the first single released from 'Death Blues' and it is a definite favourite of mine. It is groovy and has this really fun catchy feeling to it. Yet there are also songs on the album which dive more into the Death Metal side such as 'War for Doom' which feels like your typical Death Metal song. 'Drinking with the Dead' stands out to me as it is very different to the other songs on 'Death Blues' and it feels more like a campfire song with acoustic guitars. Rocking Corpses have some great riffs and the mix of Blues and Metal I find really endearing but sadly for me I didn't really enjoy a lot of the clean vocals. In my opinion a lot of it sounded strained and I didn't find it that enjoyable to listen to. Whereas the heavier vocals I thought were great and songs like 'War for Doom' which is mainly just the heavy vocals I really enjoyed. However having said this 'Buried' does feature mainy clean vocals and I thought that one was fun, I think the more Bluesy sound works for them with clean vocals. Overall this isn't an album I'm particularly excited about. It has moments within which are fun to listen to but I just don't think it is that strong. The singles that have been released prior to the album drop have been good especially 'Buried' and 'War for Doom', I will be continuing to listen to these tracks but the album as a whole is just not for me. In ways it feels too forced and I really think they should aim for more of a Death Metal sound with the heavier vocals.

'Death Blues' is out on the 2nd of July 2021, you can pre save it here

Rocking Corpses social media: Facebook

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