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Brother Firetribe - Thunder Rising

Brother Firetribe raise a storm with their breath-taking new video and single 'Thunder Rising'. The fighter plane song inspired by Top Gun which originated from a fan request.


Brother Firetribe have released their new song and video for 'Thunder Rising'. The song that focuses around fighter planes and was inspired by Top Gun actually came from a fan request from aerobatic pilots SKYTEXTER. Brother Firetribe are a hard rock act from Finland. Their last album 'Feel The Burn' came out last September and was inspired by 80s music. When the pandemic hit the bands tour schedule got cancelled but they didn't sit around and do nothing; instead they focussed their attention to releasing short film 'Night Drive' which features vocalist of the group and renowned Finnish actor Pekka Heino. Then they settled back into creating music.

"Living in these weirdest of times we sat down one night, lit a few candles, opened up a nice bottle of red and had a long talk about what to do. It was clear that we really had no other options than to write a song about... fighter planes. Get ready - thunders rising!" - (Pekka Heino, Vocalist)

Heino makes a joke about the origin of 'Thunder Rising' as the idea actually came from aerobatic pilots SKYTEXTER. The group contacted the band about possibly get Brother Firetribe to create a theme song for them to use during their performance. The band agreed and created this Top Gun inspired rock song which holds a marvelous guitar solo. Coupled together with SKYTEXTER a video was created for 'Thunder Rising'.

"Filming this kind of material is very expensive, but the project was done as a collaboration: the band wrote the song and SKYTEXTER shot the footage exclusively for Brother Firetribe. We then filmed the bands part on a runway, and the result of all this can be seen on the video. The group of SKYTEXTER are the absolute cream of the crop in acrobatic flying in the world, so this is definitely breath-taking, stunning and a phenomanal video" - (Jani Wilund, Video Producer)

Brother Firetribe will be embarking on a tour over Summer in Finland

24/7 Rock In The City - Lappeenranta, FI 30/7 Rock In The City - Kerava, FI 7/8 Rock In The City - Joensuu, FI 13/8 Rock In The City - Jyvaskyla, FI 20/8 Satamaravintela Kaisla - Tampere, FI 21/8 Rock In The City - Pori, FI 28/8 Tuhdimmat Tahdit - Nokia, FI 30/10 Yo-talo, Tampere, FI

Band Line Up

Pekka Heino: Vocals Roope Riihijarvi: Guitar Jason Flinch: Bass Tompaa Nikvlainen: Keyboard Hannes Pirilla: Drums

Check out Brother Firetribe's most recent album 'Feel The Burn' HERE

Watch the short movie 'Night Drive' HERE

Watch the video for 'Thunder Rising' on Brother Firetribe's Youtube HERE


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Picture by Joel Korhonen

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