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Tyburn Blossom - The Catch Is Better Than the Chase

New Scandinavian gothic/synth artist Tyburn Blossom is finding his space within the music scene and most recent track 'The Catch Is Better Than the Chase' blends happy synth with melancholy gothic vocals.


Scandinavian artist Tyburn Blossom brings gothic synth music that is reminiscent of bands such as; New Order, Siouuxsie and the Banshees and The Cure. With newest single 'The Catch Is Better Than the Chase', Tyburn Blossom shows a little bit more of a fun side to them than the previous songs I have heard. Tyburn Blossom released 'The Catch Is Better Than the Chase' back in July of this year. Previously they have released a ten track album and three singles all of which came out in 2020. Tyburn Blossom has received a bit of radio attention being played on Italy's Radio GBJ and Jorvik Radio. 'The Catch Is Better Than the Chase' in my opinion is a pretty fun song that you could put on at a party or when hanging out with friends. The hyped up bassline and synth nicely contrasts the melancholy vocals which reminded me a little of the vocal style of Type O Negative. My only one downside to the track is that I felt that there was moments in which the drums didn't sync up to the rest of the song but this is something that is fairly missable when you're just sitting enjoying the song. I think being a new artist and bringing something that's been missing back to the music scene Tyburn Blossom could be well loved by any gothic music fan.

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