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band w/o band - The Workout

band w/o band released their song 'The Workout' which came out on July 29th and is accompanied by a video that reminds me of an obscure gym advert but has some pretty cool visuals.


band w/o band appears to have began in late 2020/early 2021 with first single 'For You' being released in 2020. New track 'The Workout' is the fifth single from them. The song itself is this kind of chilled out rock. I did think 'The Workout' was quite repetitive at times but I didn't really lose focus throughout listening. For me I do think it is an interesting track. The thing that intrigues me most about 'The Workout' has to be the music video. I can't describe it better than my first thoughts which was that it was like some obscure gym advert. Fitting the title perfectly with these characters seen doing various different exercises. I really enjoyed the way the visuals were put together with people seen as almost shadowlike and faceless. I also liked how it didn't feel too modern, the animation itself strongly reminded me of dance videos that would have been around in the 90s or even at parts the 'Just Dance' game as the dancing charcters were the same kind of outline, shadowlike creatures. There is one moment where the video takes a bit of a darker turn with the animation that I didn't really expect which definitely kept things interesting. I think checking out this video is worth it even if all you do is sit there and question what you're watching as I did for the first little while.

Check out the video on bandwithoutband's Youtube HERE

Stream 'The Workout' on Spotify HERE

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