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Throw The Fight - Settle Your Sins

Album Name: Settle Your Sins Artist: Throw The Fight Kade Kastelitz: Vocals, Bass Ryan Baustert: Guitar Kris Weiser: Guitar Jeff Baustert: Drums Released: August 2020 Label: Bullet Tooth Rating: 7/10



  1. Paper Wings

  2. Q & A (ft Polaris)

  3. Watch It Burn

  4. Home

  5. Misery

  6. Nightmare

  7. Pain

  8. Shine Your Crown

  9. Settle Your Sins

  10. Heart Of Gold

"Settle Your Sins" by Throw The Fight is an album full of heavy guitar riffs and catchy chorus's. With this album Throw The Fight deliver songs that make you want to be in a crowd full of people jumping and singing along. "Settle Your Sins" is high energy rock/metal that you can't help but headbang along to. The first song that opens the album is "Paper Wings", a song that feels really fun. I would say it's a metal song but it has this pop punk like element within it that makes it really entertaining to listen to. I found this song to be really catchy and I was myself singing along by the end. Personally I think this is my favourite song on the album and opening with it makes you instantly intrigued to find out what else is to come from this piece. Another song that I really wanna mention that I enjoyed was "Pain", this one pulls you into the lyrics and has this kind of sad tone to it. With lyrics like "Everyday just feels the same, does it hurt you? Does it hurt you to see me in so much pain?" as a listener I really felt like I was witnessing a sad story. The lyrics within this song are kind of repetitive but I think that works, I could imagine this being one of the songs that teenage, more emo me would have locked myself in my bedroom to listen to. In my opinion this album is great and something I enjoyed listening to and largely I would say that's down to the amazing guitar riffs that are within "Settle Your Sins". Their was a variation between more like heavy metal to more pop punk and I found that to be really cool. I definitely found myself headbanging along more than once. Lastly, would I recommend this album? Yes, I would. I think Throw The Fight have created a really great metal album that a lot of people will enjoy. If you're a fan of heavy guitar riffs and sing a long type songs then this is for you. Unlike a lot of albums in this genre I found there was a nice variation in sound on "Settle Your Sins", as in not every song sounded the same. The only thing I will say is that Throw The Fight are fairly similar to other bands within the genre, they aren't particularly standing out but they are still creating great music!

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