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The Word66 - On the Way to the Promise Land

The Word66 are a new rock band based in Las Vegas, made up of veteran rockers. Their music is uplifting and happy while bringing back a rock nostalgia reminiscent of bands from the 80's.


The Word66 are a band I am very happy to have now discovered. Their music just makes you feel good and they state that they are sending out positive vibes with their music which I definitely felt. The Word66's EP 'On the Way to the Promise Land' which is the newest release from the band has been charting all over the world. The EP came out in March and has recieved good attention since then. The single 'On the Way to the Promise Land' which titles the EP has placed at #1 on the charts several times.

Check out the video for 'On the Way to the Promise Land'

On their EP The Word66 also have a rocking cover of Norman Greenbaum's 'Spirit in the Sky' which features Megan Rugar (The Voice) on backing vocals. 'On the Way to the Promise Land' is in my opinion a really great EP and you can get the sense that this is a band who know who they are and what they want to do. Title track and single 'On the Way to the Promise Land' is the first one I listened to and from that moment I just wanted to hear more. My personal favourite from the four tracks has to be 'I Feel the Love (Sweet as Candy' as it has a super catchy chorus and I feel like these guys are the kind of band that you just wanna be able to sing along with. If you like classic rock, hard rock, a good dose of rock n roll go check these guys out and I guarantee you will be smiling.

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