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Spacelord - Midnight Shadow

Spacelord are back with two new tracks! Their single 'Midnight Shadow' comes with a surprise Hendrix cover B-side.


These two new tracks from Spacelord are both something I am very excited to talk about and share. The band have been away for a couple of years but they have returned better than ever!

"Our early reviews would compare us to either 70s bands or 90s bands, and that perfectly describes our biggest influences. Imagine Robert Plant traveled through time and joined Soundgarden, or Jerry Cantrell jammed with Black Sabbath. That's always been our vibe." - (Ed Grabianowski, vocalist)

Spacelord are a duo from Buffalo, New York. They made the doom charts with their first two albums and in 2019 played the Descendants of Crom Festival and the Music is Art Festival. Now after almost two years that they have spent working on the third album they are back. This third album had to be recorded remotely due the pandemic and was originally supposed to be something a little different.

"'Midnight Shadow' is the first song from what was originally going to be an acoustic EP." - (Ed Grabianowski)

If I'm being honest I did not expect 'Midnight Shadow' to be that good! I went into listening to it without high expectations and I was completely blown away. It has this classic feel to it mixed with this almost country like tone and is overall just this very fun song. I couldn't help but dance along with the acoustic guitars. Comparing it to earlier Spacelord tracks I have heard it feels very different to me but this is not a bad thing, the song holds such a power and is really something great. Then there's the Jimi Hendrix cover. 'Spanish Castle Magic' is a great song and to see it tackled by Spacelord I would say is a brave move but one that paid off. They have managed to make the song their own and I actually found myself at points not even remembering that I was listening to cover. It feels like Spacelord not Hendrix. The track also has an ominous video to accompany it which was directed by H. Pattison.

"I've been a Hendrix fan for as long as I can remember. His music has been part of the soundtrack of my life and I always refer to him when I need to center myself. The way Jimi lays it all out on the guitar; his ability to allow his playing to come from a very deep, inner location which most of us don't even know exists within ourselves. Jimi was mining that existential gold and, maybe the best part, the product of that revealed an old, old soul whose nature was profoundly kind." - (Richard Root, guitar)

"I wanted to try a different rhythm from the original, and ended up with something that kind of sounds like Ginger Baker taking on Hendrix." (adds Grabianowski.)

If this is just the first taste of album number three from Spacelord then I cannot wait to see what comes next. I completely fell in love with these tracks already listening to them on loop. With many artists doing the same thing right now it's also refreshing to see a band have a very different and unique sound while also holding a level of nostalgia. Check these guys out, especially new track 'Midnight Shadow' it really is very fun.

Third album from Spacelord is anticipated to be released late 2021.

Listen to 'Midnight Shadow/Spanish Castle Magic' HERE

Band Line Up

Ed Grabianowski: Vocals, Drums Richard Root: Guitar, Bass, Producer

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