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The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock and Roll

Album Name: Death By Rock and Roll Artist: The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Ben Phillips: Lead Guitar, Vocals Mark Damon: Bass Jamie Perkins: Drums Released: February 2021 Label: Century Media Records Rating: 8.5/10



  1. Death By Rock and Roll

  2. Only Love Can Save Me Now (feat. Matt Cameron & Kim Thayil)

  3. And So It Went (feat. Tom Morello)

  4. 25

  5. My Bones

  6. Got So High

  7. Broomsticks

  8. Witches Burn

  9. Standing at the Wall

  10. Turning Gold

  11. Rock and Roll Heaven

  12. Harley Darling

The Pretty Reckless's fourth studio album "Death By Rock and Roll" has a sound reminiscent of their second album "Going to Hell" while also including new sounds that we haven't heard from the four piece before. For me "Going To Hell" was the album that really got me into listening to The Pretty Reckless so to hear songs on this new album that have similar qualities to the ones that made me fall in love with this band was really cool. "And So It Went" which was the last single put out before the album release really gave a feeling to the audience what to expect with the album. Personally I love this song, I think it is very powerful while carrying a pretty important message. Something I really enjoyed within this piece was when they have the chorus of what sounds like children singing along with Momsen. This took me back to "Heaven Knows" era and I found comfort in listening to something that was somewhat familair but also completely brand new. I found this album to feel heavier in ways to things that The Pretty Reckless have released before. It was as though everything has more power behind it, more aggression or fire. I think that they have really developed their sound and found a way to create things that are new but also in ways old. As a Pretty Reckless fan you know what to expect from this band and I think a lot of people like that level of comfort with the music they enjoy. A favourite of mine off of "Death By Rock and Roll" has to be "My Bones". This song punches you straight in the chest with a heavy guitar and the song as a whole feels like a preparation for battle. Taylor Momsen's vocals on this track are so strong as though she's commanding your attention. Every instrument within this song adds its own layer of strength, from the heavy guitars, to Momsen's incredible vocals and then the solid drum parts. I loved everything about this song and just want to listen to it over and over again. Another song I want to mention is "25" because this one stands out as being so different from everything else on the album. In my opinion this is a song that could belong on the likes of a James Bond soundtrack. Once again everything about it is so strong but this song also has a level of delicacy. As the track moves it grows into something amazing and something I wouldn't be able to turn off if I tried. I think that The Pretty Reckless have created something amazing with exploring this type of sound and I would be interested to see if they will do anything like this again in the future. This album also features some great artists such as: Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam Kim Thayil of Soundgarden

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave Overall I think that "Death By Rock and Roll" is such a incredible piece of work from The Pretty Reckless and is a great new addition to their already impressive discography. Taking the sound we are used to from this band and then sprinkling in a few songs that are quite different for this band I think makes for a great album. Whether you're already a Pretty Reckless fan or just a fan of rock music I would highly recommend checking this out.

Listen to "Death By Rock and Roll" here:

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