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The Hunna - Horror (unplugged)

"Horror (unplugged)" is the second unplugged version of a song The Hunna have released off of their third album "I'd Rather Die Than Let You In". The song is accompanied by a beautifully ambient video.


"Horror" is the second song that The Hunna have released as an unplugged version and seeing this song stripped down like this is really beautiful. The unplugged version adds a new depth to this track and makes you really hear the story that is being told. The first track the band released in this unplugged format was "Young & Faded", a succesful single that was also taken from "I'd Rather Die Than Let You In". It's really nice to see these songs in this way and gives a new story to the already great songs that were released back in October of 2020. These unplugged songs come as part of the deluxe version of "I'd Rather Die Than Let You In" which was announced at the start of this month (March 2nd 2021). The band have also said that there will be some unreleased tracks which were recorded in LA to go along with these two unplugged tracks.

You can listen to "I'd Rather Die Than Let You In" here

You can watch the full video for "Horror (unplugged)" on The Hunna's Youtube here

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