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Taxi Rank - Golden Days

'Golden Days' by Taxi Rank is a great indie rock song and Taxi Rank themselves are definitely a band to check out.


Taxi Rank are definitely a band to watch and their song 'Golden Days' just further proves their talents. I would describe this song as typical indie rock with a slight twist, the music has this groovy almost bluesy addition to it that makes it stand out against other songs in the same genre. Taxi Rank were formed in 2018 in Swansea and since then have been making a name for themselves, already being well loved in their hometown. In 2019 they released two demos alongside a cover of King Krule's 'Dum Surfer' and a handful of singles. The band then caught the attention of many radio stations such as; BBC Radio Wales, Amazing Radio, Rock Radio UK and Welsh Connections. This new track has been described:

"Edgy, guitar-driven, extremely catchy and clear melodies."

Personally I agree that this is a very catchy track. The guitar rhythm is upbeat and has that very distinct UK indie sound. However then there's the bass which seems to follow a different pattern, I was particularly drawn to that intrument in this song, there was something almost bluesy about the sound. There are moments in this song that you wouldn't expect and that I wouldn't necessariliy have thought would have fit but Taxi Rank 100% proved me wrong on that fact. My one and only downside to the track is that with so much going on I did find that the vocals got a little bit lost within and I would've liked to be able to make out the lyrics a bit easier. Overall, I think that Taxi Rank are a great band and one I could imagine gaining a lot of popularity. I had a listen to other tracks by them and along with 'Golden Days' I would really recommend listening to 'Can You Admit That?' which has quickly become a favourite of mine.

Band line up:

Lukas Kelly: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Matt Kivi: Backing Vocals & Lead Guitar Aled Phillips: Backing Vocals & Lead Guitar Owain Davies: Backing Vocals & Bass Rhys Roberts: Drums

You can listen to 'Golden Days' here

You can keep up to date with Taxi Rank on their social media at the following links:

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