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Surviving December - Again

Surviving December's pop punk song 'Again' makes me think of something Blink 182 might write if they were creating their first album in 2021.


Surviving December are carrying on the tradition of catchy pop punk songs created from dark garages. Their sound reminds me a lot of the likes of Blink 182 and other bands of that era, which gives Surviving December this nostaglic feeling while being a pretty much brand new band. With a name like Surviving December I knew instantly I was to expect either some really emo track or what I got, a great upbeat, catchy pop punk piece. Something that really caught my attention in 'Again' was the mix of male and female vocals that complimented each other so nicely. I think especially the female vocal in this song was very strong and that verse was my favourite. The chorus's in 'Again' have the most nostalgic "Blink 182" vibe for me. By the end of the song I had already picked up on the repetitive lyrics and was happily singing along. Even the rhythm in this song feels easy to listen to, the guitars aren't too complicated and the whole thing just makes for a really nice song to enjoy.

Check out Surviving December and their single 'Again' HERE

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