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Starbenders - Seven White Horses

Atlanta glam punk rockers, Starbenders have just released their bewitching new track and video 'Seven White Horses'


Pulling you into this magical feeling world Starbenders new track 'Seven White Horses' blends dark aesthetic with light vocals and soaring chorus's which will leave you wanting more. Following on from last years 'No One Listened' new song 'Seven White Horses' feels like something new and shows how this foursome keep growing within their sound. From that opening guitar riff listeners know they are in for a treat with this one. 'Seven White Horses' in my opinion really shows off the southern influence within the Atlanta based bands music. This classic rock feeling instrumental is joined by vocals that I could best describe as having a light, floaty, gothic tone to them. The lyrics may make it hard to decipher what this song is actually about but I think that adds to the fun of this track, leaving it up to listener discretion. The immense chorus is one you could imagine filling any stage show and lyrically is very catchy. The song as a whole to me just builds and builds making you want to listen again and again.

'Seven White Horses' is accompanied by a music video that much like the song itself doesn't have a clear story to it. The fast paced shots keep you fully engrossed in the almost horror like scenes that the viewer is presented with. From a band like Starbenders who we are very used to seeing in light-hearted colourful videos it is really cool to see them show off this darker aesthetic which definitely has this more gothic edge to it.

The video for 'Seven White Horses' was directed and produced by Hannah Gray Hall Cinematography by Neil Shukla Editor and colourist Hannah Gray Hall Unit Stills done by Gina Dimaio Production Assistant was Samuel Katz It was filmed at Warren Paint.

Listen to 'Seven White Horses' HERE

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