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The Wild & Free - Let You Go

The Wild & Free have released a video for 'Let You Go' from their upcoming sophomore album.


The Wild & Free's song 'Let You Go' is a song about letting go of love and lyrically perfectly describes that feeling. They have just released a video to go along with this which with it's stripped back style lets you focus on the story being told. The 'Let You Go' video shows the band in a plain field while the story of two lovers falling apart is being portrayed. Having vocalist Rachel play the part of the lover that has decided to move on makes the video feel like you are totally emersed in her story. The cinematography of 'Let You Go' is really pretty and what looks to me like the sun setting at parts adds a really nice effect. The song itself in my opinion is probably my favourite song from The Wild & Free yet. The hard hitting end of love song has moments which feel anthemic and is definitely something I could imagine a crowd singing along with. Also having the lyrics be so true and relatable I think makes this track even more enjoyable.

Video credits

Written and performed by The Wild & Free Produced/Mixed/Engineered by Kevin Gates at Reach Audio Mastered by Troy Glessner Video by Dave Stankoven Directed by Michael Henthorn

Check out 'Let You Go' on The Wild & Free's Youtube HERE

Stream 'Let You Go' HERE

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